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The Tintswalo Family

The Tintswalo Family
In the native Shangaan language, Tintswalo means “the intangible feeling of love, gratitude and peace bestowed upon someone offering you a meaningful and worthy gift.

The Tintswalo Lodges Group is a well-established, family-run, exclusive, luxury portfolio of 5-star lodges and exquisite boutique hotels. The properties are perfectly located in some of the most highly sought after areas in South Africa, namely the Greater Kruger National Park region, the Table Mountain National Park and an exclusive equestrian estate from which Tintswalo at Waterfall takes its name.

A Family Legacy of Luxury South African Lodges

The incredible story of Tintswalo started with the opening of the Tintswalo Safari Lodge and Manor House in 2004 in the Greater Kruger National Park when Ernest and Gaye were approached by the surrounding community to take over the concession on the property. Having already been involved in a number of projects in the community, and having earned the respect and appreciation of their neighbours, they seemed a logical fit for this untouched tract of pristine South African wilderness.

Although Ernest and Gaye’s original intention with Tintswalo Safari was to create a rustic, down-to-earth tented camp that would appeal to adventure-seeking families just like their own; Lisa, Ernest and Gaye’s daughter, had other ideas. Under her influence, plans for Tintswalo Safari started taking a distinctly 5-star turn, resulting in the outstanding accommodation that currently defines the unique lodge.

The Sustainable Expansion of our Exclusive South African Accommodation

Following the completion of Tintswalo Safari Lodge, the boutique hotel Tintswalo at Waterfall was added to the Tintswalo ‘stable’, just 20 minutes from Johannesburg/Sandton CBD.

The latest addition is the Tintswalo Atlantic boutique lodge, located on the beach front along the scenic expanse of Chapman’s Peak Drive.

The construction of each hotel was managed on a small unique tender basis with the main contractor sub-contracting to local entrepreneurs through a tender process, thereby transferring skills through in-house, on-site training.

Our on-the-ground community development projects include; Education Alive, a project funded by the lodges, which has become a driving force in increasing pass rates in schools in surrounding areas.

The Youth for Human Rights project helps raise children’s awareness of their basic human rights as set out by the United Nations charter for Human rights, this happens at a grass roots level. For more information go to: www.youthforhumanrights.org

The Passionate Team behind the Tintswalo Lodge Experience

The Tintswalo team are a fast-moving, dynamic group of people who work together to ensure the long-term goals of the group are achieved. Everyone endeavours to preserve the tangible spirit and the singular culture of these exclusive, unique lodges.

Always planning for an ever changing future, the Board maintains their collective finger on the pulse when it comes to matters relating to the hotels, and the accommodation industry as a whole.

  • Ernest Corbett – Chairman
  • Gaye Corbett – Chief Financial Officer
  • Lisa Goosen – Chief Executive Officer – Management
  • Warwick Goosen – CEO New Developments
  • Michelle Du Plessis – Managing Director

The Tintswalo Lodges are a division of Tintswalo Property Group, a privately owned, family run property development and management business. The Group has survived and expanded in an ever-changing South Africa by perpetuating the spirit of entrepreneurship and skills-based learning.

The Tintswalo team researches possible growth areas and, once identified, creates an asset for future management. The Management team takes care of the on-going management of the portfolio, keeping shopping centre vacancies below industry norm, leases up-to-date and all of the buildings well maintained.

With almost 20 years of experience we, the Tintswalo family, pride ourselves on long-term sustainable solutions for growth in all areas of retail and uniquely South African accommodation.

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